web design

We recommend two different routes to our customers, tailoring our suggestions to fit their needs.  
  • We can build your site from the ground up, to give it a cool and customized look.
  • Or we can build your site using Google Sites, using a highly customized template.

Pros of scratch-built site

Building from the ground up makes the designing process a little easier--anything you want built can be built this way.  

Cons of scratch-built site

But building from the ground up is more costly (you have to pay for your hosting) and a little more difficult to implement.

Pros of Google Sites

Google Sites eliminates some of the implementation hassle and it is free to host.  However, this implementation has some major drawbacks.  

Cons of Google Sites

You can't do anything too fancy with it, like extremely customized layouts or fancy Java/PHP tricks.  Most static designs work well with Google Sites, but largely dynamic designs require a scratch-built site.