about stieltjes

Stieltjes Innovations was born out of a hobby in the mid 2000s.  What once started as a family-based venture has grown into a larger enterprise.  The shift to new media has helped, and our single website soon began to noticeably add new business.

We started our site on a Microsoft-based service (in about 2005), but we moved to Google (because Microsoft decided to start charging for this once-free service).  Opting for a better (more flexible and elegant) solution, the informal business began using Google Sites.  Stieltjes Innovations hasn't looked back since we are so satisfied with Google's services.

In 2009, we added internet advertising to our site.

In 2010, the family-based venture became less of a hobby, and the firm expanded to maintaining three websites.  This expansion drove our need for more formal web design media.  We are still learning and growing in our quest to master HTML/CSS/PHP (isn't everyone?), but we've designed several private sites using these technologies.  References are available on request.

In 2012 (doesn't quite seem like 7 years), we formally took the name of Stieltjes Innovations.  Due to the popularity of our service, we are now maintaining several websites for local businesses.  Check out our current portfolio.

Over the years, our experience has grown.  We've developed our skills in graphic design, to meet the needs of our clients.  We've added HTML/CSS/PHP to our repertoire to provide our customer base with the solutions that make the most sense for them.